Struggling With SEO In 2017? Don’t Forget This SEO Checklist

The world of digital marketing is forever changing. New traffic sources are arriving on the scene on a weekly basis, and as a beginner, it can get frustrating and overwhelming relatively quickly. However, one source of traffic that has been consistently great for over two decades is good old search traffic.

As a business owner, search engine traffic is pure gold. Your ideal customers are literally searching for your products and services with their credit card details in hand, ready to purchase. The trick, however, is knowing how to overtake the endless amounts of competition that are all surfing the same rainbow as you, hoping to reach the pot of gold that we call “number one rankings”.

The SEO stratosphere can be volatile at times, and the constant algorithm updates by Google and countless horror stories can stop an SEO newbie in their tracks before they ever get to see any positive results.

What’s so great about the SEO game, however, is the fact that it is very consistent. Sure, there are algorithm updates and sure, there are businesses who have lost a large chunk of their bottom line overnight (which is usually the result of shady practices, but I digress), but the foundation is still the same, and the fundamental practices that have worked for over twenty years are still as important today.

If you are just getting started in SEO and want to take your business to the next level, here are a few of those fundamental practices that you should be implementing as well as a few new tricks to make sure you are not falling too far behind.

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