15+ Must-Have Free Mobile Apps for Marketers

15+ Must-Have Free Mobile Apps for Marketers

“Marketing is a race without a finishing line” – That’s an incredible quote by the first ever winner of a receiver of “Leader in Marketing Thoughts” award and author of more than 60 marketing books, Philip Kotler.

Marketing is not a really a 9-5 job. You might be working on your desktop computer all day and yielding some really good results for your company or client, but you need to be constantly watchful of what opportunities are being offered your way even when you are not using your computer so that it does not cost you to be late.

After all, marketing is all about being innovative, creative, strategic and grabbing the first mover advantage.

Being a marketer, how can you ensure that you are connected and sharing with the world even when you do not have access to your laptop or computer?

I am sure there is no surprise in the answer – Your Smartphone Apps stay with you every time, letting you have access to the world.

So, what are we going to discuss here? How using apps for your work can help you become a proactive marketer? Definitely, not! You are obviously already aware of it. What most of you might not be aware of is that which apps should you ‘must-have’ to be the best in the race.

We have compiled a list of more than 15 apps for you that can get to have ensured that you and your clients always stay in the game.

Original Source: http://www.betacompression.com/15-free-must-mobile-apps-marketers/


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