Create Effective PPC Ads Just in 5 Steps Which Drive Clicks

I work with small business owners across the U.S. to help them make more money, and one of the most powerful drivers of qualified traffic to a site is through PPC. While PPC is an excellent way to drive targeted traffic to your site and boost sales. If you overlook the fundamental aspects of your PPC campaign, then you could find yourself spending more money than your marketing initiative is generating.

PPC is a dynamic relationship between user intent, search queries, keywords and ad copy. Many business owners research about keyword research and other optimization tips, but they overlook the importance of writing great PPC ad copy because they think copywriting is easy.

Although creating ad copy may seem easier than writing a landing page or a blog post, the truth is that PPC ads are difficult to write because you have to craft a compelling message in a small amount of space.Here are five proven suggestions to make PPC ad copy that is powerful and efficient for your own business!

Here are five proven suggestions to make PPC ad copy that is powerful and efficient for your own business!

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Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing: Know The Differences

We are always confused customers given the high number of terms that exist today in the digital marketing sector. We are talking about Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Performance Marketing, SEM, SEO, Influencer Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Experimental Marketing, Social Media Marketing and more.

But two of the most confusing terms are Content Marketing and inbound marketing. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to explain what differentiates them and how each works.

Let’s start with the basics, what each one means.

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8 Digital Marketing Trends That Boost Your Strategy in 2017

Digital marketing remains to be an industry that is continuously evolving and is a volatile industry. Businesses can succeed only if they keep up with the latest trends occurring in the industry followed by focusing on an actionable strategy.

This article deals with the latest digital marketing trends that will help improve the strategy.

Direct Interaction With The Target Market

Instead of relying solely on Google for search engine optimization purposes, it is better to find alternatives such as interacting directly with the target market.

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Struggling With SEO In 2017? Don’t Forget This SEO Checklist

The world of digital marketing is forever changing. New traffic sources are arriving on the scene on a weekly basis, and as a beginner, it can get frustrating and overwhelming relatively quickly. However, one source of traffic that has been consistently great for over two decades is good old search traffic.

As a business owner, search engine traffic is pure gold. Your ideal customers are literally searching for your products and services with their credit card details in hand, ready to purchase. The trick, however, is knowing how to overtake the endless amounts of competition that are all surfing the same rainbow as you, hoping to reach the pot of gold that we call “number one rankings”.

The SEO stratosphere can be volatile at times, and the constant algorithm updates by Google and countless horror stories can stop an SEO newbie in their tracks before they ever get to see any positive results.

What’s so great about the SEO game, however, is the fact that it is very consistent. Sure, there are algorithm updates and sure, there are businesses who have lost a large chunk of their bottom line overnight (which is usually the result of shady practices, but I digress), but the foundation is still the same, and the fundamental practices that have worked for over twenty years are still as important today.

If you are just getting started in SEO and want to take your business to the next level, here are a few of those fundamental practices that you should be implementing as well as a few new tricks to make sure you are not falling too far behind.

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15+ Must-Have Free Mobile Apps for Marketers

15+ Must-Have Free Mobile Apps for Marketers

“Marketing is a race without a finishing line” – That’s an incredible quote by the first ever winner of a receiver of “Leader in Marketing Thoughts” award and author of more than 60 marketing books, Philip Kotler.

Marketing is not a really a 9-5 job. You might be working on your desktop computer all day and yielding some really good results for your company or client, but you need to be constantly watchful of what opportunities are being offered your way even when you are not using your computer so that it does not cost you to be late.

After all, marketing is all about being innovative, creative, strategic and grabbing the first mover advantage.

Being a marketer, how can you ensure that you are connected and sharing with the world even when you do not have access to your laptop or computer?

I am sure there is no surprise in the answer – Your Smartphone Apps stay with you every time, letting you have access to the world.

So, what are we going to discuss here? How using apps for your work can help you become a proactive marketer? Definitely, not! You are obviously already aware of it. What most of you might not be aware of is that which apps should you ‘must-have’ to be the best in the race.

We have compiled a list of more than 15 apps for you that can get to have ensured that you and your clients always stay in the game.

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Top Windows 8 Improved Features You Should Try First

Top Windows 8  Improved Features You Should Try First

Whether you have just installed Windows 8 or you purchased a computer with it pre-installed, you now have an operating system that you’re probably unfamiliar with, for the most important, and so things can seem rather difficult to do, such as customization and other simple tasks. So what can you do about that? You can’t give up.

Fortunately, there are many different ways that you can tweak Windows 8.

In this article, I will show you a number of different ways that you can get the most out of this operating system. Check out top windows 8 improved features.

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Ultimate List of Magento SEO Extensions For eCommerce Store in 2017

Ultimate List of Magento SEO Extensions For eCommerce Store in 2017

A good number of entrepreneurs are now available online with Magento stores to increase their E-commerce sales. Just like simple websites or blogs, they need to optimize their Magento sites with different practices of digital marketing to gain a respectable placement in the SERPs of different search engines, attract visitors and generate business opportunities.

If you run a comprehensive E-commerce website, it’s very difficult for you to utilize all components of the digital marketing strategists manually. On many occasions, you feel the need of Magento SEOextensions that could help you to speed up your workflow and perform day-to-day activities easily.

So, are looking for some good-quality Magento SEO extensions for your Magento site?

If yes, then you should wade through this list.

It includes a few relevant Magento extensions for digital marketing and SEO:

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Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know [Tips and Tricks]

Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know [Tips and Tricks]

Every time you opt to use your mouse in place of your keyboard, you could potentially be wasting your time. This is because of the many keyboard shortcuts available that can save a considerable amount of your time. Keyboard combinations are not only faster for you to press, but they also tend to be far more accurate than using your mouse, this especially reigns true when it comes to highlighting text or selecting a spreadsheet cell.

Whenever I talk to family and friends, even those that are very tech-savvy, one thing that I notice is that most of them are only familiar with the more common and basic shortcuts, but are almost oblivious to the many other helpful shortcuts out there. That is one of the main reasons why I decided to put together this article, covering 10 of the most useful keyboard shortcuts.

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6 SEO Myths You Should Trashed in 2017

6 SEO Myths You Should Trashed in 2017

In this digital era, SEO has gained a lot of prominence for the businesses across the world. Good SEO tactics can help a site attain excellent ranking across the search engines. But, some companies offering SEO services are just scams. They tend to propagate a lot of myths about SEO and offer scam services.

Let us check out the top 6 myths propagated by them.

Myth 1: SEO is All About Ranking Higher

Most of the online resources and e-books place extra emphasis on the fact that getting number-1 ranking or getting to the top of the search results is the best way to attract the maximum traffic. But, the truth is, getting to the second page may also be beneficial when it comes to attaining more traffic.

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How Google Search Console & Analytics Data Helps To Drive More Leads

How Google Search Console & Analytics Data Helps To Drive More Leads

The online world opens up huge opportunities for everyone. With the right moves, it could attract thousands of customers towards your business. That’s why business owners need to be up to date when it comes to technology. Our friends discuss how you can use the Google Search Console and Analytics Data to drive more leads.

If you have a website, your ultimate goal is to come up on top in search pages when people search Google for information that you offer. To make sure that you are able to maximize the potential of your website and that your content is deliberately targeted at the type of people you would like to reach, Google has come up with a free service that anybody with a website should use to their advantage. This tool is called the Google Search Console (GSC), and it will enable everybody involved in creating and maintaining a website to monitor and sustain its performance to achieve their business goals.

There are several ways that the Google Search Console could help improve traffic to your website:

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Post-Mortem of Top 20 failed start-ups – Lesson for Young Entrepreneurs

Post-Mortem of Top 20 failed start-ups – Lesson for Young Entrepreneurs

They are not kidding when they say there is too much careful consideration needed when involved with a start-up company. When you are looking forward to running a start-up business, you are in for a gamble. If you are not smart enough then you will end up with the many failures – failed startups.

The root cause of these failed startups can be from financial fraud to just running out money. There has been much of failure on the brain recently; it is partly because there is a good counterbalance to the typical survivorship bias-laden stories. Also; because understanding failure is critical to the algorithms underlying our product.

But, today we provide with this information, as the last thing we want is our young entrepreneurs to make the same mistake. Presenting you with post mortem reports of 20 failed startups lessons, so that you not make the same mistake.

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